Winter washing algorithm

December 2020

Can a car be properly washed at a self-service car wash in winter?

Quite difficult without knowing the correct plan of action. Save/write down this information or always pay attention to the banners on ALLES car washes. There contain all the recommendations as well.

So, everyone knows what is the winter in the city. This is MUD. Melted mud, mud with rain, mud with leaves and mud with road reagents.

Almost all of these types of mud are washed off with thick foam and good water pressure. But that won’t work with reagents. A well-chosen composition of chemicals is needed here.

The approach here is similar to a flu shot. Once the vaccine is developed, the virus mutates, the strains changes – the vaccine is out-dated.

Reagents often vary, it is impossible to adapt to them immediately and forever. We recommend that the owners of self-service car washes select chemicals subject to temperature weather conditions and the composition of the road reagent used in this season and in a particular region. Don’t be afraid to experiment and don’t stop on just satisfactory results.

But there are several fit life hacks for car owners as well:

  • use the “BRUSH + FOAM” program (it is better to apply some manual effort);
  • activate the “TURBO” mode (it washes off better at high pressure);
  • chemicals interacts better with WARM water – use this option for rinsing in winter.

All of the above programs and modes are available at ALLES’s. On our branded car washes, we adjust the composition of chemicals in winter, as soon as we no longer see the perfect result. And with the onset of cold weather, we increase its concentration by 20%. Besides, all programs with chemicals at our car washes run exclusively on warm water. It dissolves detergents better in the cold season and, accordingly, gives a greater effect.