Compared to last summer, the prices for construction materials have significantly gone up all over the world, including Russia. Most of all – wood by 50 +%, metal by 40-70%, sand by 25%, finishing materials – by 10-15%. All in all, the metal structure of a car wash has become 25-30% more expensive.

How to reduce the cost of construction of a self-service car wash? It is possible to partially use alternative materials. For example, fiberglass reinforcement along with concrete. But this material is quite specific, few people still know how to work with it correctly.

Other ways to cut the cost:

  • reduce the area of the facility, if possible (take just as much as necessary);
  • invest in an existing, but “dead” facility and completely reconstruct it; though there may occur some building challenges and pitfalls.

Many components of ALLES equipment are also made of metal, therefore, when plants purchase material for their products at new prices, the cost of the final product will also increase. But for now, we are holding down our prices.

We advise future owners of ALLES car washes not to be afraid of the new realities. Yes, prices are going up, but profits are increasing as well. The cost of programs 10 years ago started at 20 rub/min. And a good gross profit at a car wash reached 1.5 million rubles per month. Today the price is on average 27-35 rub/min. In general, car wash services have risen in price (including for manual and robot car washes). Accordingly, the revenue also increased. Nowadays ALLES car washes in St. Petersburg reach over 1.5 million rubles per month in the first few months.

And by the way, the higher the average purchase price becomes, the more relevant for consumers is the ALLES BONUS loyalty system. If earlier from 100 rubles (20%) cashback was only 20 rubles, now, for example, from 300 rubles it is already 60!

There will definitely be no reduction of the current prices and return to the previous prices. But ALLES has ready-made solutions, and we are ready to share our experience with partners.