November 2021

We strongly recommend to all present and future customers of ALLES equipment: do not skimp on water treatment!

The chemical composition of tap water varies depending on the region, season and technical condition of local networks. Therefore, we advise owners of self-service car washes to do a water analysis before launching the facility. And already on its basis, water treatment is carried out.


1. Softening of tap water. And, if it’s necessary, de-ironing.

The softening procedure involves special ion-exchange resins and technical salt. As a result, a neutral pH is created in the water used at the car wash, which contributes to the rapid and complete dissolution of chemicals. So chemicals reveal their best properties, wash more efficiently and, in general, the consumption of the reagent is reduced.

De-ironing is critically necessary for individual regions. Otherwise, iron sediments are deposited in the hydraulic system, the exhaust ducts are narrowed, which literally in a couple of years leads to a complete stop of the car wash for cleaning or replacing some components. Believe us, this is still “entertainment” — some of our clients have had it.

2. Osmosis — demineralization using special filters is the second stage of purification. There are a lot of impurities in the tap water that are not visible to the naked eye.

Filters adsorb most of them, and at the output we get osmotic water. It is used in the ”Drying and Shine” program, it is suitable for the final rinsing of the car body, because after drying it does not leave whitish spot/ streaks and does not immediately freeze in winter. If ice crystals appear in ordinary water already at 0° C, then the distillate freezes only at a solid minus. In untreated water there are salts with other impurities that create many crystallization centers. Osmotic water has practically no crystallization centers.

You will have to maintain proper water quality all the time, or breakdowns and expensive repairs are inevitable! We recommend taking water measurements regularly once a season to correct water treatment. The less precipitation remains in the hydraulic system of the car wash, the more reliable and longer the equipment works.


Write it down. Our life hacks are simple, but proven:

  • Regularly test the chemistry and do not hesitate to change the manufacturer if you are not satisfied with the result. The same remedy “works” differently depending on the season, the composition of the rap water may change over time. In addition, new, more effective chemical compositions appear on sale from time to time.
  • Do not skimp on equipment. In addition to water treatment, there are equally important nodes, pressure and dosage sensors, modules, controllers and pumps. In the end, even the length of the spear and the convenience of the handle of the washing gun depends on the result and the final assessment of the consumer.
  • Teach operators not to be observers and “guards”, but managers of the car wash. Polite and ready to help (teach the client to wash according to individual requests and budget) and at the same time unobtrusive.
  • Evaluate your current/ future facility in terms of convenience and comfort in general. If there is a washbasin? And, for example, the toilet? Are the mat clips hanging comfortably? How does a vacuum cleaner work? Look at the car wash through the eyes of the customer or ask them what they are missing/ would like to improve on the object.

Sometimes car owners do not manage to achieve the perfect result of washing, although everything works well: the foam foams, the water is warm, the operator showed an effective algorithm. But it didn’t work out to wash it. The reasons here may be external. For example, they sprinkled the roads with a new reagent or a very tired “snowdrop” from grandfather’s collection arrived… What else could it depend on? From the frequency of arrivals at the car wash, from the state of the paintwork, from properly deployed hands, etc. — anything happens, be prepared for it. But for your part, try to provide all the conditions so that there are only a few such cases.