Warm car wash in St. Petersburg


A warm 7-station self-service car wash ALLES was opened in St. Petersburg at pr. Obukhovskoy oborony, 76N. The car wash is located in a separate building, there is always comfortable above zero temperature. Car drivers are offered a choice of 14 washing programs, including a special complex for winter cleaning. Plus additional modes: turbo (pressure 180 bar), color foam (pink), X2 (increased dosage of chemicals).

In a spacious warm box, you can comfortably wash off any winter dirt or prepare the car for maintenance. Without any problems you can also open locks, flaps and doors that are frozen in changeable St. Petersburg weather. With the program “Air”, you can quickly dry all gaps and holes.

Any form of payment at the stations plus instant cashback if you use the ALLES Bonus app!

And this is just the beginning! In summer, the dry cleaning multicomplex of 6 programs (air, vacuum cleaner, turbo drying, windscreen washer, disinfection, tyre blackening) will be started up in the street. The turbodrying and vacuum cleaner can be used right at washing stations even today.

It turned out to be a really cool car wash, comfortable and beautiful – we are waiting for you!