Touch screens force out push-button boards

May 2021

The first 22” touch screen appeared on ALLES car washes in 2016. Since then, it has become the hallmark of our equipment.

ALLES was always seeking to be the leader in automation and application of modern IT technologies in business of self-service car washes. And today ALLES touch control panels are one of the best solutions not only in Russia, but also in Europe.

5th generation and its features

We pay close attention to the feedback from the owners and customers of car washed for improvement of the product to comply with their needs. About every six months we update the software and interface to add new functions.

Presently the 5th generation of touch screens is supplied with ALLES equipment. They include:

  • strong stainless steel case with protruding bill/coin slots and banking equipment;
  • improved internal terminal systems;
  • banking module PAX IM20 with all its smart options;
  • scheduled software upgrade (including visual effects and the STOP button countdown timer);
  • accelerated generation of electronic receipts;
  • translation into 45 languages;
  • buttons TURBO, X2 and COLOR are separate from the main ones + they are accompanied with special graphic effects.

Touch screen and cold weather

One of the most frequently asked questions from our clients: “How does the touch screen and electronic equipment operate in winter?”

No problem!

And that’s why:

  • a fan heater and a thermostat are responsible for heating and maintaining the temperature of +30 degrees inside the panel;
  • insulation does not let the heat be lost on the case surface and directs the heat to the door and touch screen;
  • bill and coin acceptors, terminals operate in dry, warm environment, which does not affect their service life, despite outdoor use;
  • humidity and temperature sensors monitor the state and transmit information to the main control panel;
  • seals and sealing of the device prevent water penetration;
  • no icing forms on the door due to the direction of heat flows;
  • electronic locks work well even in severe frosts.

Touch screens are used at each washing station and in the dry cleaning zone as well. Presently it is one of the most advanced and convenient controls for car wash programs.