To rub or not to rub?

October 2020

It happens that our customers ordering equipment and customers of ALLES car washes doubt whether they need a brush at a touch-free self-service car wash? Although only with the help of a separate gun with foam and a brush, you can yourself clean the most stubborn dirt TO A GOOD QUALITY.

How does the Brush + Foam program work?

– the brush with soft bristles is used for contact separation of static (based on air discharge) deposits and various impurities from the road (exhaust gases, diesel, oil);

– the brush also helps to get rid of whitish deposits (similar to wax/plasticine) on the body, which can be removed by contact only (at a self-service car wash) or degreasing (by manual washing).

ALLES brush is

  • long soft bristles designed primarily for the body;
  • reduced foaming on this program. On the contrary the water is supplied in greater volume. This is intended for high-quality removal of separated dirt and possible unwashed sand grains with an abundant water flow;
  • individual selection of chemicals with the emphasis on foam properties;
  • a special handle on a gun with a trigger, so that you can shift hands without splashing;
  • a separate container for the brush with a large sump for better cleaning while waiting;
  • obligatory connection to the general winter flushing system ANTIFROST.

The “Brush + Foam” service is profitable for the owners of self-service car washes. Let’s take as an example the observations over this program at the ALLES branded car wash in 2019:

  • Demand is 6-14% of all programs – not everyone and not always needs it, but without it the client can greatly lose in the quality of washing.
  • One brush works for at least 3-6 months – it does not require frequent replacement.
  • In highly competitive environment surrounded by other self-service car washes, the brush is one of the key competitive advantages.

As you can see, in general, you can do without a brush, but you cannot do without it if you want to offer customers a high-quality service, regardless of the degree of pollution of the car. So, draw your own conclusions.