The power of color in a car wash

January 2022
What color do you associate with cleanliness? And with water treatments?

Surely you answered: white and blue. Such shades are often chosen for the design of self-service car washes. 

Mark Kotterink, an expert at the Dutch Institute of Color, notes that “people are always looking for balance, harmony” (often at the level of intuition), which is why “color largely determines the success of a product and the turnover of a company.”

A few words about the psychology of colors. Let’s take those that are often used in designs of self-service car washes.

Blue. The most common color in the world. It is associated with water and freshness, and also implies responsibility, constancy, reliability.

White — purity, lightness, perfection.

Green — freshness, harmony and prosperity.

Red — beauty, movement. passion.

Black — stability, elegance and strength.

Yellow — joy, luck, creativity.

For the design of our brand, ALLES chose blue, black and white colors as symbols of strength, purity and perfection. We provide our clients with a ready-made corporate identity and thoughtful accents even in the design of the touch panel interface. Each icon, font and shadow under the button are made in compliance with all usability parameters. The logic is simple: if customers are pleased to be at the car wash and it is convenient to use our equipment, they will come again.

Is there any point in a pink foam? Experts easily explain its popularity among car wash customers. “Color as a whole creates perception,” and bright shades perfectly lift the mood. The percentage of use of this option on ALLES car washes confirms this fact. And after that, who will say that men don’t like pink?!

And a couple more recommendations for owners of self-service car washes:

  • to enhance the visual power of color, use bright lighting on your objects;
  • keep a balance in the combination of colors — if you are not sure, invite a designer. Or, more simply, use the ready—made corporate identity from ALLES.