The operator and his superpower

November 2020

Even before the wheels of the first car drive into a washing station of a new ALLES car wash, there appears … an operator! The main person at the facility. Let’s share some corporate secrets of ALLES.

How are operators hired and trained?

The main requirement to car wash operators is the ability to communicate with the client non-intrusively, to avoid conflicts. We are not looking for security guards or cleaners – first of all, we need welcoming sales managers. We highly appreciate the ability of job candidates to respond correctly to non-standard situations/customer questions.

The training of an operator lasts 2 weeks. During this period, they become trainees at a successfully operating facility. We are watching whether a person is a quick learner and gets accustomed to the environment, whether he likes to work with people. At the same time, the candidates themselves communicate directly with the operators, get more “unofficial” information about the company, corporate ethics and rules, get acquainted.

What are the duties of the operators?

The principal duty is to help customers. The highest skill level of an operator is to teach the car owner to wash the car quickly, efficiently, without overpaying.

The last two recommendations are clear, but why quickly? Because the income of a car wash depends on it. A self-service car wash is 50% of washing and 50% of renting a washing station per minute. The longer one car occupies a washing station without paying for services, the less profit the facility as a whole brings.

Other mandatory duties of an operator:

  • to monitor the state of the equipment using a tablet (if possible, to make minor repairs);
  • to fill the consumables;
  • to protect the property of the facility from unauthorized persons;
  • to keep the car wash clean;
  • to answer incoming calls from the duty telephone;
  • to pass to the owner feedback, questions and wishes from the customers of the car wash.

Ideally, the operator has a thorough knowledge of every detail in washing stations. Everything that the client sees and uses (from the program menu to the swiveling nozzle on the foam gun) can be explained by an ALLES employee.

Important aspects

Have you ever seen operators on other self-service car washes if you didn’t need to change money or get a token? If not, it’s because not all operators are equally useful! You do not need to look for an ALLES employee, you just need to press the “Consultant” button on the touch screen of any washing station, and he will come up straight away.

Usually, at one car wash 3 operators work in shifts. The working schedule is 1/2 or 2/2.

The operator’s wages consist of the salary +% of the car wash turnover. As a real sales manager, the operator receives his/her % of the earnings. The important thing is that high-quality communication with people significantly intensifies traffic to the car wash. A satisfied customer is a live advertising.

The owner of a self-service car wash determines himself/herself the formula for % calculating (depending on the number of cars or the amount of daily receipts). The percent is not paid to a specific operator, but goes to the general bonus fund, which will be divided at the end of the month between all working employees.

At the request of customers, current and future owners of self-service car washes on ALLES equipment, we have prepared special teaching materials for training employees.

An operator is a representative not only of a specific car wash, but of the company as a whole.