Site preparation


Location is an important success criterion of a self-service car wash. The network of our own facilities in St. Petersburg and more than 100 successfully launched self-service car washes of our clients let us define the essential criteria for a profitable location:

  • major traffic arteries of the city (excluding expressways and congested areas);
  • the first line is a priority, but the second line should also be considered (with well-thought-out approach);
  • bedroom communities and roads between districts, parking lots of shopping centers and hypermarkets;
  • site at the entrance to the city (perfectly, next to filling stations, car service stations, shopping centers);
  • convenient entry and exit, easy access.


It depends on the projected number of washing stations and the need for the wiping (dry) zone.

The surface of the foundation for washing stations and the service room for a 6-station wash is 280 m². The number and parameters of service rooms depend on individual configuration and other peculiarities of a car wash.

The total surface of the service room shall not be less than 40 m². The total recommended surface of the facility site, including zones of entry/exit, dry cleaning, recreation and additional services, is over 1,000 m².

  • project development for a future self-service car wash (a 6-station standard version in PDF and AutoCAD is provided free of charge), its adaptation to the site, approval in the relevant authorities and obtaining a building permit;
  • connection of all necessary utility lines and systems: water supply, sewerage, power, gas supply/diesel equipment.

ALLES helps investors in site selection and construction of a self-service car wash. It also considers proposals for joint implementation of turnkey car wash projects. There are open and indoor types of self-service car washes, and the experience of collaboration with robotic car washes.