Customer Service

Service department is the ALLES customer support on equipment operation, warranty and service maintenance. Timely maintenance service, including diagnostics and maintenance checkup, prevents breakdowns and extends the life of the equipment. All works are performed in accordance with the requirements of the operating instructions.

ALLES service is:
  • technical support, setting or adjusting parameters in the course of work;
  • routine maintenance during the warranty period;
  • consulting dispatch service (receiving and processing applications);
  • regular management of software and control software;
  • diagnostics and repairs on site by teams of construction electricians;
  • training of the car wash personnel.

Service assistance can be requested both via ALLES CONTROL and via the CRM system with the mobile application Okdesk.

In Okdesk, you can attach any photo, video or record a voice message to the application. The entire range of technical support services guarantees the automatic data transfer from a self-service car wash and quick feedback from our specialists. Depending on the request, either dispatchers consult and solve the problem online, or mobile teams of construction electricians visit the site.

  • remote service significantly saves resources;
  • an entire ALLES team is working on an online application (from an installer to an IT specialist);
  • your technical staff is also integrated into the process, which means they quickly master the equipment and later solve most of the questions themselves.

Trial testing of equipment is just as important as the assembling process. Any mistake or defect can affect the profitability of the car wash and the business as a whole.

ALLES guarantee for the main components, assemblies and electronic systems is valid for 1 YEAR from the date of installation of the equipment on a self-service car wash.

ALLES Service Department → Dispatch Center, receipt of applications, consulting → Mobile Installation Crews, installation, commissioning, adjustment, repair

The company is currently preparing a video catalog of training materials. It will become the basis for an extensive Knowledge Base with instructions and answers to the most frequent questions in the operation of self-service car washes on ALLES equipment.

In the future, ALLES plans to make online courses for operators of smart car washes, where, along with the technical training of specialists, effective algorithms for working with clients will be practiced.

ALLES has set itself a challenging goal: creation of a new service infrastructure for self-service car washes, rather than an arithmetic increase in the number of field crews and dispatchers.

High-quality remote service is simply a must in modern world, when high-tech automated multicomplexes confidently force out manual car washes from the market.