September 2021

You can join the business of self-service car washes in a number of ways. You can buy equipment and become the owner of a car wash, invest in a partnership and create your own network of facilities or become a dealer of a manufacturing company. Choose the option most suitable and attractive for you!


The easiest, but at the same time the most demanding way to become a part of the “world of self-service car washes” is to purchase equipment and to build your own car wash. This is the option for dedicated people who are ready to nourish and cherish their creation, always monitor the state of the facility and the mood of their clients, so to be a real master.

For you, there are three pillars of the self-service car wash business, inspired by our own experience.

1. Well-thought-out concept of the facility

It should be nice and clean: one facility – one concept. Point by point: type of a car wash (configuration), number of washing stations, functionality (which programs will be fine with your customers), appearance and related service (coffee, snacks, tire inflation)

Experience lifehacks:

the fewer posts, the more expensive: one washing box for a 6-8-post car wash costs ~ 1 million rubles, and for a 2-post car wash – ~ 2.5 million rubles, since the service room with all the nodes will have to be installed in both cases. And it turns out that on average the price of equipment for an 8-post car wash is only 2 (not 4!) times higher than the cost of a 2-post facility. But a 6-8-post car wash is expected to bring 3-4 times more money due to its performance capacity. Assuming there is a successful location, of course.

the type of a car wash depends on weather conditions and the specifics of the site. If you are exposed to wind/frost – make walls, gates or completely close the car wash for the comfort of customers. Just design it in advance – don’t improvise!

2. Cash in the wiping zone

If there is enough space for the wiping area, we get cash from it with additional services (vacuum cleaner, air, etc.). Otherwise, the client will wipe/dry anyway, but occupying the washing station and for free. And the idle time of the post without payment is lost profits for the owner. Moreover, when customers visit a car wash, they so to say rent not only equipment, but the box itself. And there should be no free rent in any business.

3. Any location can make it

You found the land plot in a blind-end bedroom community, or near a highway, or far behind your competitors? Do everything to get noticed. Don’t be shy! For those who pass by, show the external chic and shine, for those who google a car wash in the maps, offer an online promo. Sure, you’ll have to pay for promotion in the navigator or use street advertising. It is entirely in your best interest to put a “geopoint” in the minds of future clients.

The idea is that if you want your own car wash or a whole network, no problem! We will help you with that. We’ll share how to make a concrete slab best, why the osmosis is needed and how to get in with Yandex.Navigator. One way or another, you will have to dive deep into your business to be able to handle current issues and be always slightly ahead of the competitors.


In fact, an ALLES dealer is also a happy owner of the own car wash, which serves as a demonstration facility. Our dealers either already have them, or have them under construction.

We always invite future customers to our branded, fully loaded car washes in St. Petersburg. Here you can see up-close and personal experimental novelties of equipment, which are tested before start of production, and take a glance at new solutions that will go into production only tomorrow and will soon become an integral part of the self-service car business.

But when it’s far, inconvenient or abroad to go to St. Petersburg, it is easier to look at the nearest ALLES car wash and promptly get advice from our specialists. The basic principles of the company, the key programs and the performance capabilities of the proprietary software can be seen on site. The dealer is also aware of upcoming new products and is ready to inform customers about them.

ALLES DEALER is an intermediary between the manufacturer and the buyer of the equipment, which conducts all operations on its own behalf and at its own expense.

Exclusive dealers are the only representatives of ALLES in the region. The dealership territory, the scheduled purchase volumes and brand restrictions in this case are regulated by a special agreement. But at the same time, they are given exclusive rights to sell our products in the region.

Authorized (non-exclusive) dealers are the dealers which work with ALLES on a franchise basis. They have more freedom in terms of obligations to the manufacturer, but fewer advantages.

This year ALLES obtained dealers in Estonia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Official representative offices of ALLES in Russia are located in St. Petersburg, Omsk and Togliatti. In the coming year, we plan to significantly expand the ALLES dealership network in Russia and – especially! – abroad. This is required by the rapid development of the company and the growing demand for self-service car washes.

Being a dealer means being like-minded with ALLES, to represent not only the brand, but our vision as a whole. At the same time, the dealer has the most profitable prospects: purchase prices of the manufacturer, opportunities to earn money on consulting, sales of equipment, spare parts and services, as well as construction and further interactions with the owners of self-service car washes.

Dealers are fans of the brand just like ourselves. ALLES carefully chooses its representatives, because they are the face of the brand abroad and in the regions.

Interested in dealership? For details tap here


To invest in business of self-service car washes is no less exciting and profitable than the previous two options. However, it requires less involvement in the operating activities and suits well for those who have simultaneously several business projects in different areas.

It is most profitable to invest not in one facility, but in a network of car washes. As for the forms of your cooperation with the owner, there are different options, which are regulated by legal documents.

What are the risks? The worst thing is to choose the wrong equipment manufacturer. Then a car wash may not make a hit or will only cause initial interest, and will soon come to nothing if customers are disappointed in the quality. The equipment should be reliable and well-designed, and the car wash itself should be as attractive as the conditions of an investment partnership. This should be a fully working contract with evaluated risks and development prospects.

What are the attractions of ALLES-business for investors:

  • a company with a well-known name, a leader in IT, presenting a competitive product on the Russian and foreign markets;
  • high confirmed profitability – 35-65%;
  • a wide variety of services/programs provided;
  • full automation of technical, business processes and financial transparency for remote business management;
  • the possibilities of additional settings and upgrades originally incorporated into the equipment
  • online and offline service of a facility located anywhere in the world.

What is your role in business of self-service car washes, it’s up to you. The main thing is to make the right bet on high-quality and reliable equipment. Then you will win and benefit 100%!