One and all about ALLES BONUS

July 2021

What attracts people?

Profit. Real cashback from EACH operation at a car wash, which can be used right away. The clients’ action plan is as follows:

  1. download the ALLES BONUS mobile app or register in the loyalty program by phone number right at a car wash;
  2. after each payment, do not forget to press the button “Get bonuses” (for this you need to log in);
  3. receive instant cashback to your bonus account.

What else is important to know about ALLES BONUS

  1. 1 bonus = 1 ruble.
  2. You can take advantage of the bonuses right away (for example, for the services of a vacuum cleaner/air in the dry area) – bonuses will be added in just a couple of minutes.
  3. Additional bonuses “fall” as a greeting to new users, for inviting friends, for birthday and gender holidays.
  4. You can pay with bonuses for any program in the washing and dry areas.
  5. The more often you wash a car ➡ the higher is the status ➡ the more % cashback you get (from 5 to 20%).

Do the owners of car washes based on ALLES equipment need a loyalty program? The question can be restated as follows: do the owners want to attract the traffic of regular customers to their car washes?

It’s profitable! Especially for those who plan to develop a network of car washes with a single familiar and understandable loyalty tool for clients. Besides, by means of ALLES BONUS you will monitor the current metrics and statistics, adjust traffic (set up “Happy Hours” – additional % of cashback – at the right time), start your own promotions and chat directly with car drivers to find out their moods and needs of your regular audience (and this is 5-7 thousand people at one facility!).

Obviously, the benefits are mutual and absolutely real. ALLES BONUS mobile app is updated every six months to be always up-to-date and useful tool for management of a car wash (for owners) and the most profitable loyalty program (for customers of a car wash).