Measure thrice and pour concrete floor once

June 2021

Floors are the basis for construction of a self-service car wash and subsequent customer comfort. We recommend that you carefully choose contractors and consider only those with sufficient experience in making concrete floors. But anyway you will have to control the process, so it is better to be aware of the technology.

Basic rules for preparation and pouring concrete floors on a self-service car wash are:

  • polyurethane foam under the slab is necessary to reflect heat and direct it up;
  • the inclination angle should be at least 3-4 degrees for quick discharge of water and dirt;
  • layout of pipes for underfloor heating – tube spacing of 15 cm, at least 2 circuits (counter flow);
  • 3-4 cm is the perfect distance between the tubes and the floor surface;
  • pipes should be laid out to the very edges of the slab, under all partitions and around columns to minimize icing. Particular attention should be paid to the partitions between washing stations: if heating is poor there, then the ice buildup is a sure thing, and will lead to narrowing of the space and other unpleasant consequences.
  • lay antifrost drain pipes right under the maximum number of guns (up to 4) – it may prove to be useful in the future;
  • grinding should be as smooth as possible without pits (puddles), it should be done right after pouring. The smooth floor ensures quick drainage of water, and lack of puddles, i.e. comfort of the client.
  • feed control of each circuit is necessary for optimal adjustment of heating/fuel consumption;
  • the minimum slab length is 7 meters, and the width is 5 meters.

We strongly do not recommend:

  • tiles on the floor;
  • elevations under the partitions;
  • elevations under the gun holders;
  • slab less than 7 meters long;
  • 1 circuit per box;
  • covering the slab with sliding compounds;
  • grinding after pouring on the protruding concrete.

Of course, it is by no means the whole list of peculiarities related to the slab and floors in a self-service car wash. But even these rules will help you to take in the situation and understand that only full adherence to the technology of making the slab and underfloor heating will ensure the comfortable operation of a car wash and save you from possible troubles.