Self-service car washes are usually standard open boxes for 6 washing stations. Closed car washes are in most cases manual or robots, and closed self-service car washes are rare. As a rule, such self-service car washes are built into already-existing spaces: sheds or parking lots.

The recent trend is the conversion of an open car wash into a closed one. The owners cover the building with sandwich panels and make a gate. But experience has shown that expensive gates (12 pcs. X 200,000 rubles + installation) at such facilities often break in conditions of high humidity and chemical reagents.

ALLES offers its own indoor car wash concept. The project will be available to our clients any time soon. In Russia, such a concept is always in high demand, since:

  • walls and roof protect from wind and direct sunlight (for better effect of chemicals);
  • it is comfortable to wash cars in winter (revenue no longer depends on seasonality).

As for the technical part, a closed car wash is as profitable as an open one:

  • indoor heating costs are much less than for an open facility;
  • soundproofing – it is easier to make a car wash in congested residential areas.

Automatic car wash control system ALLES Traffic Control, developed by our specialists, includes:

  • control over traffic lights, heating, ventilation, gates, barriers, payment;
  • monitoring temperature and humidity.

ALLES has already started construction of a demonstration facility of this type for 8 washing stations in St. Petersburg.

Construction size: 20×26 m, ceiling height – 4 m. The required total area is at least 950 m² (including the wiping area, entrances/exits).

The recommended number of washing stations is 8. Plus at least 3 two-post vacuum cleaners in the wiping area. And also a vacuum cleaner and a turbo dryer at washing stations themselves.

The cost of an indoor car wash for 8 washing stations is 15-20% higher in comparison with an open self-service car wash.

At the same time, this concept is sure to give regular high returns regardless of the season.