In May ALLES celebrates its 6th birthday!


By human standards the age is preschool, but for business in Russia it is rather significant, admit it. During this period, the company has gathered talented people into the fold, launched its own production, developed software for equipment control, organized a convenient service department, survived the pandemic and … came out of the lockdown in the black!

To be more specific, here’s 6-year-old ALLES in numbers and facts:

  • 100+ ready-made self-service car washes;
  • 5 countries and over 60 cities are already familiar with car washes on ALLES equipment;
  • 14 programs and modes of washing – in the top version of washing equipment;
  • 5th generation of touch screens – as standard;
  • 280,000 participants of the ALLES BONUS mobile application.

The plan is to further expand the geography to Europe and the CIS, continue development of own cloud service, upgrade the mobile application to increase the efficiency of the loyalty program, introduction of new technologies and, of course, opening of the branded car washes.

ALLES is an ambitious company, so 6 years is just the first stage of our space rocket.