Equipment assembly


Installation of equipment for a self-service car wash is performed on site only by ALLES specialists or contractors, our representatives, whose qualifications are not doubted by us. Installation takes about two weeks on average. The timing may vary depending on the equipment configuration and the number of stations. ALLES installation specialists perform installation and commissioning works in Russia and abroad.


ALLES also installs and assembles all elements of boiler equipment: boiler, flue, burner, fuel pipes, water heater, hydraulic separator, regulators, sensors, underfloor heating header. This applies only to the equipment that the company sells and uses in its own self-service car washes.

Future owners of self-service car washes can order boiler equipment and its installation from other companies in their region. If boiler equipment is purchased as part of our basic set of equipment, it can be purchased on lease. Purchase from the third party is unlikely to offer you the same terms.