A separate feeding system based on ALLES equipment appeared in 2021. The singularity of this engineering solution is that it provides ample opportunities for “chemical” experiments for improvement of washing quality.

Thanks to separate feeding, it is now possible to mix reagents that are in different cans “on the run”. They are mixed directly in the hose a second before feeding and create a completely new effect.

A chemical composition with a base for color foam has been developed for the new product. The attractive thick pink foam is now the result of reaction of alcohol-based components and alkaline chemicals, rather than a dye.

Advantages of the new composition:

  • pink foam with transition to fuchsia pink color creates a WOW effect for the car wash customers;
  • it can be mixed with any alkaline chemicals – white foam;
  • easily washed off with water;
  • it is dye-free (safe for humans/clothes, can be flushed down the drain, does not contaminate the hose system);
  • alcohol + alkali improve washing properties thanks to the simultaneous effect on the organic and inorganic layers of dirt, enhance the shine of the body.

The new formula of color foam is already in operation at the branded car washes in St. Petersburg at Obukhovskoy oborony pr., 76N and sh. Revolutsii, 69P.

We will share the performance peculiarities of this injection and feeding system with the future owners of ALLES car washes.

As an equipment manufacturer, ALLES is not only a leader in IT developments, but it is working to improve all business processes, implements innovations, tests them at its own facilities and offers the best to its customers.