Distrust cost

August 2021

Based on a true story.

Not all potential customers choose ALLES. This is what happened in this story. The future owner of a self-service car wash contacted us, compared us with the others, and decided it was too expensive. In the end, he purchased the equipment from another supplier at affordable price. The manufacturer delivered the ordered equipment, but did not appear for installation – there were no free specialists in the reserve. But it provided the contacts of a third-party contractor who had already assembled a similar car wash in this region. But the result was poor, and now there is no one to make claims against. In fact the seller fulfilled its part of the deal, the rest does not bother it. As a result, the owner had to solve problems with the equipment himself. But the bad taste still lingers.

How to choose a supplier so that your expectations match the outcomes of the self-service car wash business? What else to pay attention to, besides the cost of the equipment and its “stuffing”?

First-hand experience

An equipment manufacturer is not the same as a car wash business owner. Some simply do not need it.

However, only first-hand experience guarantees a full understanding of the processes, production and business from the inside. A self-service car wash is a living structure consisting of more than 500 elements and parts. And at the best, one shall know all of them to be aware of the problems and opportunities and know the growth options.

Thanks to our experience, ALLES has long gone beyond the level of the pump and bill acceptor. Our equipment is developing in two key directions: meeting the needs of business owners and working on attraction of the maximum number of customers with increase in the average purchase amount. We know that customers of a car wash are no longer satisfied with water and soap, they come for a package of services and a certain level of service. And this comprehension makes us highly competitive in the current market.


Often manufacturers who use IT programs in their equipment order them from outsourced contractors. But when failures happen, no one can handle it – the software developers have done their job, completed the project and put their hands in pockets. But ALLES has its own IT department. So far, the team includes 5 full-time software developers. They ensure a high speed of development and implementation of new ideas (and we have them enough and to spare for 3-5 years ahead!). We have no competitors in this field. ALLES IT specialists respond quickly to emergency situations and are responsible for program improvements. It is exactly the possibility of equipment updating that is the guarantee that your car wash will be state-of-the-art for years.

Components and their reliability

It is essential what components the equipment consists of. It should be born in mind that there are well-known world brands that produce components for various industrial sectors (B&R, Lamborghini, Siemens, etc.), and there are high-quality brands known in Europe, but not so popular in Russia and the CIS. They can and should be used as well. The main thing here is to know the performance characteristics of these components and correctly estimate the possibilities of their combination with other components in the integrated technological chain.

For these purposes, a manufacturing company must have process engineers who are engaged in estimates and selection of assembly parts, integration of components, and do not experiment on the client “that will do/it won’t do”.

It is important to test the developments of the company, updates before release on our own running facilities. Accordingly, the possession of its own car washes by the manufacturer speeds up this process and minimizes the risks of customers in the future. And the more car washes, the better.


It’s a must. End of discussion. Our service department is steadily expanding, since there are more orders, and we are entering foreign markets. Among our specialists there are operators, logisticians, spare parts managers, unit managers. Besides, all components are in stock at ALLES’s warehouse. But there is more! We are preparing an information portal for customer support, where they can get comprehensive information on service, equipment operation and parts ordering. With diagrams, photo and video instructions. The service will be translated into different languages ​​to support customers of all dealerships!


ALLES equipment is installed by our own specialists working full-time in the manufacturing company or in dealerships only. This is a guarantee of compliance with the deadline, assurance of installation quality, and keeping to external aesthetics of a car wash (especially if it is not a standard project). All this is essential for creation of an immediately operating facility.


It’s not just a brand name and a brand nameplate on a mat holder. It is a transfer of experience. The manufacturer completely immersed in its business knows how different types of car washes work, how to train staff, what marketing tricks to use to attract customers, etc. We share all this in detail with the customer, who supports the ALLES name in general with its car wash. Brand awareness (according to the standards of work with end consumers) and positive emotions of customers are important factors of business success.


ALLES not only shares its theory with its franchisees, but also shows operating facilities – successfully launched branded car washes of different formats: 5-post car wash on the second line, indoor car wash for 7 washing stations, 6-post open car wash in the front line. We also offer completely new concepts, which we are building now ourselves. Customers choose according to their needs, receive a ready-made project of a self-service car wash and its support at implementation stages.

A franchise business should be as transparent as possible. Even if you have no experience, we have it. Subsequently, when you figure everything out, you can act as an investor only, selling your own network of car washes.


  • Loyalty program with a ready-made mobile app ALLES BONUS.
  • Marketing/information support (regularly updated information base based on our own experience).
  • Remote IT support for car washes + development of settings for automatic system updates as on modern smart gadgets.

How do ordinary manufacturers of equipment for self-service car washes attract customers?

Low price! That’s all. Their purpose is to sell. And what will you do with this equipment next, how to build a business and win the competition for 10 years to come – is no longer their concern.

A reliable supplier offers not just hardware, but also a complete staff of qualified specialists who create a unique competitive product based on new technologies and a modern approach to business management. This is the only way to ensure a long, successful and reliable operation of both the manufacturing company and one particular franchised self-service car wash.

During our work in the self-service car wash business, we saw many examples of car washes dying, becoming out of date in just 2-3 years. Some equipment manufacturers also vanished into oblivion – they lost their significance, couldn’t keep up with the time. In the end, the owners of car washes were left alone with their equipment. This is the price of mistrust and a mistake in choosing a manufacturer/franchise. At the same time, even the very first ALLES car washes are doing well, many of them have been upgraded and actively continue to make profit!