is an intermediary between the manufacturer and the equipment buyer, which conducts all operations on its own behalf and at its own expense. The relationship between the manufacturer and the dealer is governed by the terms of the dealership program.

Dealership with ALLES can be either exclusive or non-exclusive. Exclusive dealers are the only representatives of the manufacturer in the region and are solely authorized to sell our products. Authorized (non-exclusive) dealers are the dealers which work with ALLES on franchise terms.

In the first case, we are referring to cooperation in the restricted area, in this case both parties (manufacturer and exclusive dealer) undertake obligations that are clearly regulated by the terms of the dealership program. As a rule, they consist of specifying a specific region of business, scheduled purchasing, service and brand restrictions.

Authorized dealership implies more democratic cooperation. In this case, the obligations of the parties are minimized. A non-exclusive dealer gets more freedom in the nature of its business, fewer obligations and restrictions, but also fewer benefits.

Dealership assumes full responsibility for the actions and operations performed, representation of the interests of the company (it is unacceptable to trade in competitors’ products). After all, the dealer is the face of the brand, which forms the buyer’s opinion about the quality of the product/service.


It is mainly aimed at export of the equipment outside the Russian Federation. The main mission of the dealer is to maintain certain volumes of equipment sales in compliance with the company’s pricing policy. Today our official representatives are engaged in promotion and sale of ALLES equipment in Russia, the CIS and Europe.

In its turn, ALLES provides the dealer with customized equipment at reduced prices, full informational support, assists in the organization and development of dealership. ALLES marketers and advertising experts hold a full range of activities for promotion of the brand, including multi-regional advertising campaigns, SMM, analytical research.

The terms of the dealership program are strictly limited by the dealership agreement. The rights and obligations of the parties, scope of liability for the quality of equipment and services, and the volume of planned purchases are specified therein. The last condition is vital, since it is included in the scale of output and presupposes the production of the required number of sets of equipment on time. Besides, an authorized ALLES dealer shall attend special events planned by the manufacturer.


The company provides the dealer with custom-made equipment at discounted prices.

The upper level of the equipment cost is limited by the manufacturer and cannot be changed by the dealer.

Depending on the region, the terms of the dealership program and pricing policy may vary.

The equipment is purchased by a dealer under a supply agreement. Thus, the dealer becomes the owner of the equipment after full payment for the delivery.

  • The company with experience in this area for at least 5 years.
  • The company that has implemented at least one demonstration facility in the maximum configuration using ALLES equipment.
  • The company capable of providing full warranty and maintenance service of facilities on ALLES equipment all over the territory of its dealer sales.
  • high-quality equipment at special prices;
  • maximum choice of equipment configuration;
  • touch screen translated into 45 languages;
  • bill/coin acceptors for any currencies of the world;
  • banking equipment of any manufacturer at the customer’s choice;
  • training a dealer on the technical characteristics of equipment, sales strategy and tactics, marketing and advertising tools for product promotion, warranty and maintenance service;
  • presentation materials and videos (brand identity guidelines, equipment catalog, mobile application presentation, etc.);
  • ALLES Bonus mobile application in the language of your country;
  • English-language versions of the company’s website and mobile application website;
  • supply contracts and other legal documents in accordance with international law and legal regulations of foreign economic activity.
  • quantity and quality of clients;
  • approaches to sale of equipment in the region of dealer sales;
  • additional sale of chemicals, spare parts and other consumables;
  • provision of services to customers for selection and preparation of the site for a self-service car wash, construction, advertising design of the facility.

High-quality competitive ALLES equipment is the basis of dealer sales. And related products and services will proportionally increase the profitability of the business partnership. If, over time, the intermediary dealer wants to start its own business, the implementation of the idea will go much faster. The experience gained during the partnership in the process of training and work will definitely do good.

  • The dealer assumes responsibility for customer service and training of technical personnel and consulting operators according to ALLES standards.
  • The dealer provides full warranty and maintenance service of the facilities on ALLES equipment all over the territory of its dealer sales.
  • The dealer shall create and maintain a warehouse of spare parts, tools and accessories depending on the sales volume.
  • Thr dealer provides the customers with access to Okdesk customer service application for efficiency and control of after-sales service.
  • The dealer accompanies an ALLES employee to the customer’s site in cases requiring the arrival of a specialist from the company’s head office.

ALLES holds online and offline meetings with dealers to discuss the cooperation strategies. The head office of the company is in constant contact with the dealer for prompt settlement of all emerging issues.

All technical documentation, training materials and operating procedures in the service application are provided to the dealer upon signature of cooperation documents (dealership agreement and supply agreement).

Besides, basic information about the company, equipment, mobile application and other useful and presentation materials are always available on the website in the “Download” section. Look up more often – you’ll find there the most necessary and relevant information!


  • restrictions on the maximum selling price for sale of the equipment;
  • restrictions on the territory of dealership;
  • requirements to use of a trademark and brand identity;
  • deadlines for provision of regular reports on planning and sales;
  • terms of trade secrets.
  • equipment at reduced prices and in the proper volume;
  • software and application required for operation and service of the facility;
  • all accompanying technical documentation and other information about the equipment necessary for sale;
  • current prices, and promptly notify about all changes and prices;
  • information and advertising materials to promote the branded equipment.

The procedure of settlements and supply of equipment, liability of the parties, confidentiality, force majeure, disputes, guarantees, period of validity and other mandatory terms of cooperation are regulated by the dealership agreement, supply agreement, other agreements and documents.

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