Company profile


ALLES is dealing with self-service car washes business since 2011. We've come a long way from an official representative of German equipment to a high-tech manufacturer with proprietary software and its own service division has been passed.
In the first 2 years we sold 35 sets of equipment in Russia and the CIS.


ALLES launched its production and developed its first car wash control software, headed for the complete automation of car wash equipment with the possibility of remote control of the entire business. The first facilities on our own hardware and software were launched.


The launch of the first own self-service car wash for 6 washing stations on German equipment in St. Petersburg.


A 21.5’’ touch screen, which becomes ALLES’s brand identity, was put into full production. IT specialists have developed the proprietary software – an informative automated equipment and business management system.


ALLES made an acquiring payment center and developed a branded ALLES vacuum cleaner with suction control sensors. From this year onwards, ALLES hardware and software undergo an annual upgrade. The hardware is regularly improving, increasing the reliability and durability of the equipment. The functionality of washing programs and options in the dry zone is constantly expanding. A growing number of options is included in the basic configuration. The corporate identity and external design of car washes are renovated.


The launch of own mobile application ALLES BONUS with the proprietary loyalty program. More than 250 thousand car drivers became its members in the first year and a half, and this number is growing daily. The mobile application is regularly updated.


ALLES completely renews the hydraulic circuit. The appearance of separate dosing system, which provided for independence of each washing station and the possibility of implementation of new modes X2 and “Color foam”.
Banking equipment upgrade: PAX terminals, ICT and Alberici bill acceptors.
Opening of dealerships and the first ALLES car washes abroad - Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine - and adaptation of equipment and software for these countries (45 languages on the touch screen).
The 100th car wash on ALLES equipment was built and launched.


Sales of the new option "Turbodrying" have started. Since autumn, this program has been working at washing stations and in the dry cleaning zone of the flagship ALLES facilities. The "Vacuum Cleaner" program can also be installed in washing boxes.
New car washes have opened in Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic Region. In addition to the open format, objects of mixed and closed type are increasingly being launched (dead-end, with sectional gates of posts or completely covered hangars).
The company's own staff has doubled. First of all, production, installation crews, IT and development departments have been expanded.


  • own production facility and software development department;
  • high-quality components from well-known global manufacturers,
  • professional industrial automatic controls;
  • unique mobile application = ALLES BONUS loyalty program;
  • a network of our own self-service car washes;
  • delivery of equipment to any part of the world, installation and commissioning – on site;
  • warranty and post-warranty service and maintenance, supply of components;
  • training of technical specialists of the customer;
  • assistance in the construction of facilities (there is a standard project) and business of a self-service car wash for new customers (including marketing support).


The history of ALLES is just beginning, but the start was championlike. Our short-term plan is to leave competitors far behind, be beyond their reach. Our team is working on it every day: we add new options to the equipment, upgrade software and cloud services, build up marketing support for our customers. In 2020, we entered the international market. Official representative offices have been opened in several countries. Europe is looking closely at everything we do and offer. There, the boom of inventions in the segment of self-service car washes happened in the nineties. And since then, manufacturers have not offered innovations in this sector, which means that ALLES smart equipment will be wanted and sought-after on the European market.