Basic equipment


TURBO mode

TURBO mode – high pressure (up to 180 bar) along with increased water volume. It works with cold/hot water and programs "Water+shampoo", "Wax&Protection", "Dry&Shine", speeds up the washing process.

Х2 mode

Х2 mode – twice increased dosage of chemicals (concentrate) for the same volume of water. Suitable for stubborn dirt.

COLOR mode

COLOR mode (color foam). Available for “Foam” and “Brush+Foam” programs. Foam comes in a variety of colors, ALLES usually uses a contrasting pink foam. In terms of quality, colored foam doesn’t differ from ordinary foam.


21.5 ” touch screen is the brand identity of ALLES new technologies. Our software specialists and hardware designers regularly update touch screens, optimize technical stuffing, improve adaptability to work in different climatic and weather conditions. ALLES purchases touch screens for control panels directly from the manufacturer.

  • stainless steel casing AISI 304 with UV-printing of inscriptions;
  • Full HD screen;
  • control microcomputer;
  • power unit 12V, 5V;
  • electric heating with a thermostat
  • humidity sensor and temperature sensor;
  • thermal insulation of the panel;
  • screen cooling system,
  • screen heating system with sensors;
  • choice of bill and coin acceptors;
  • choice of bank terminals;
  • electronic access lock to the panel;
  • preparation for the cashier desk.


  • All types of payment on the front of the panel. Payment in cash (bills/coins) and bank cards. Touch (chip), PayPass and NFC function (phone/watch).
  • Payment systems: VISA, Master Card, Maestro, MIR.
  • Three ways to enter the amount. Manual entry of any amount in increments of 1 ruble. Button in 10 rubles increments. The choice of offered amounts from 25 to 500 rubles.


  • Washing guns ST (Germany) or RL (Italy) with a short lance. 50 cm is the most convenient length of the lance.
  • Lightweight high-pressure hoses ensure easy one-hand grip.
  • Pivoting Z-shaped arm 1600 mm and stainless steel quivers.
  • Gun for the “Foam” mode – ST (Germany) with the Italian foam-forming nozzle PA. It provides the choice of angle of foam application.
  • Mat holders of stainless steel – 4 pcs. per station of two types:
    — classic narrow pin;
    — washer-clip of ALLES proprietary design, it holds the mats tightly even when washing in Turbo mode. Thanks to its reliable and simple design, it would serve long.
  • Protection against freezing of water in guns works from the mains. Solenoid valve, valve control by temperature sensor.


  • Separate feeding system at each washing station. Electronic feeders CEME (Italy) with remote control, 3 water supply lines: warm/cold water, osmosis. The chemicals are injected not BEFORE, but AFTER the valves: the chemicals are added right before inlet to the pump. Therefore, fewer nodes are in contact with chemical agents – the service life of the equipment increases.
  • X2 mode connectivity (mixing different types of chemicals and simultaneous feeding), independence of the stations, quick interchangeability of feeders.
  • Tanks for the chemicals, 60 liters, with the intake feeding system.
  • High-pressure pumps 1820 Mazzoni (Italy) 200 bar. 18 l/min. Nickel.

*Accurate chemical level sensors and high-pressure sensors are optional.


  • Electric motors 5,5 kW, 380 V, 1450 rpm. Options: Uralelectro (Russia)/Nicolini (Italy).
  • High-pressure pumps 1820 Mazzoni 200 bar. 18 l/min.
  • Pumps with electric drive: Wilo (Germany) of different power capacity depending on the intended purpose.
  • Chemical feeders: CEME (Italy), Ulka model. Designed to operate in aggressive environments of cleaning systems.
  • Low-pressure electric valves 24V for aggressive environment (China/Italy). They do not come into contact with chemicals.
  • Elements of the hydraulic circuit Valtec (Italy): pipes, adapters, check valves, etc.
  • High-pressure check valves 200 bar, stainless steel.
  • Pressure control valves, relief valve IPG (Italy).
  • Other system elements/components from leading European manufacturers.


Х20 series of B&R industrial controller is one of the latest developments of the Austrian company, one of the leaders in industrial automation. It is used on the conveyors of Porsche, BMW, Tesla. Its feature is an advanced modular I/O and control system. With B&R ALLES can implement any function at short notice.

  • B&R control modules;
  • circuit breaker Schneider (France);
  • frequency converters Schneider 5.5 kW to control the motors of high-pressure pumps;
  • POS + integration software = online transfer of sales receipts;
  • relays;
  • sensors;
  • controllers;
  • switch;
  • fans;
  • wireless router for remote access via the Internet;
  • 10” tablet for system control and on-site monitoring of equipment.


ALLES does not sell or manufacture chemicals for car washes, as the geographical features of the regions of Russia and foreign countries greatly vary, which means different types of pollution and different weather conditions. Correspondingly, each car wash needs its own chemicals composition. ALLES gives recommendations on dilution (1: 1 – for maximum protection of the feeding system and extension of its service life) and on its main parameters. In the future, the owner independently adjusts the composition of chemicals or chooses a manufacturer to get the highest quality result.


ALLES provides the display of all processes occurring at the car wash (online and recorded). Plus remote control of equipment with the ability to change technical parameters. Along with the equipment, the owner receives the remote round-the-clock access to their car wash from any telephone, tablet, computer.

On the tablet screen, we see all the parameters of equipment operation. All sensors are connected to the alarm system. With proper control, the owner can avoid most accidents and failures, prolong the life of major units and components, and minimize downtime during peak loads.

Thanks to the software, the owner of the car wash has complete statistics on their facility or network. They can set any time period and immediately get accurate data on the received payments, the average paid amount, the number of cars, the schedule of programs popularity, the amount of payments by bonuses and much more.

In 2021 ALLES plans the next software upgrade related to software transition to a cloud control system (in single window mode it will be possible to manage any number of facilities, bonus application, etc.; parameters of advanced statistics and analytics will appear for a network of facilities; there will be new services including adaptation to 1C by popular demand of customers. Later on, the systems will be updated automatically in the same way as the software is updated on your smartphone or computer.


  • the detailed brand identity guidelines on the external design of a car wash, branding of the employees’ overalls and advertising materials;
  • a standard design for construction of an open/semi-closed self-service car wash for 6 washing stations;
  • catalogue with layouts and contacts of contractors;
  • instructions and guidelines on bank acquiring and setting of online cash register; overalls for operators; approval of signs and promotion of a facility.