September 2021

The end of summer was marked by a number of significant and international events in the auto business world. ALLES representatives visited the main ones. Offline: MIMS Automechanika, Interauto, Autocomplex in Moscow. And the online conference “Autoservice-2021”.



BRIEFLY IN FIGURES. When it comes to Automechanika, for example, it was attended by:

  • 16,000 visitors
  • 364 participants from 18 countries
  • 600 brands in the area of more than 30,000 m²
  • 98 business program speakers

Over 140 companies from Russia and other countries took part in Interauto and Autocomplex.

The business programs of the IMAF forum and the AGORA conference within the framework of Automechanika have become the quintessence of knowledge about the market and business trends, gained empirically by various representatives of the auto world. A year and a half of the pandemic has made significant adjustments in all areas, there is no way back.

The speakers talked about new formats of customer service, effective business models, the most sought-after services and online work.

The review of the latest market trends was very helpful. It’s a comfort to know that ALLES is going in the right direction, and by a number of criteria it is even ahead of its competitors.

  1. The self-service car wash business is still a high-margin business. According to experts, the largest profit for companies associated with the auto business derives from provision of services, not from sale of goods and components. Car washes have firmly filled their niche in essential services for car drivers.
  2. Statistics of the drivable vehicles in Russia is collected in two ways: poll and calculation, each of which has a significant tolerance. Therefore, it is more correct to calculate the market capacity at your own facilities on the basis of the turnover and the frequency of visits (customer return). And we have this data. The company has specific figures from a network of more than 100 facilities on ALLES equipment throughout Russia and abroad.
  3. One of the main trends of 2021 is express services. The client wants to receive high-quality service quickly, at a convenient time and place. According to experts, the company’s rating now consists of THREE criteria: rich functionality, location and speed of service provision. The faster, the better. Is there a price criterion here? You see, we also have found none. For comparison:- the average time for self-washing at an ALLES self-service car wash is 7 minutes;
    – the multicomplex includes up to 14 washing programs and 3 additional modes, which gives the car driver the freedom of choice;
    – as for locations, we know how to make any location work so that the client returns.
  4. Everyone goes online. We pay special attention to software and digital. A modern person spends half their life online. Digitalization = self-service. Convenience for customers of a self-service car wash is to quickly make all the necessary operations through the touch screen or in a mobile application. Convenience for owners is to bring online all business processes at their facility (and manage them) and receive remote service.


  • the latest trends and new business models in the auto world are associated not only and not so much with pandemics and lockdowns, but with the client’s need for a brand new experience;
  • business profitability directly depends on the extent to which the business offer can become a customer lifetime value;
  • hot topic is not what is cheap, but what is fast, high-quality and requires a minimum of effort;
  • non-digital customer is lost profit, it is online services that create added value and business transparency, and therefore contribute to the growth of customer loyalty.

Summary: Auto exhibitions with business programs are a great way to stay on top of the latest trends in your business, get all the information you need and, if necessary, adjust the course of the company’s development.