Additional equipment to washing stations



– a separate gun. The program is used for stubborn dirt. The brush with soft bristles is intended for mechanical cleaning of the car body and wheel rims. The program operates with foam and hot water. Effective not only for private cars, but also for commercial vehicles.

  • metering pump CEME (Italy) with remote control;
  • gun and foam nozzle RM ST (Germany);
  • foam brush and lance for a brush РА (Italy);
  • Z-shaped pivoting arm for a hose 1600 mm (stainless steel);
  • container for a brush with a collector and overflow (stainless steel);
  • Valtec hydraulics and mounting kit.


Softened demineralized (free of impurities, minerals and salts) cold water is deeded at the high pressure of 120 bar, and in Turbo mode up to 180 bar. The program significantly speeds up the drying process, does not leave white marks and stains on the car body. The equipment for this program is not included in the basic package and is described in detail in Section Water treatment as the part of the osmotic system.


— a separate gun. Windscreen washer liquid is changed with the season.

  • pump with the electric motor WILO (Germany);
  • liquid level sensors;
  • gun;
  • tank with the intake system with the capacity of 300 liters;
  • low-pressure solenoid valves 24V;
  • B&R module (Austria) and Schneider circuit breakers (France);
  • liquid flow meters at each station (l/min);
  • coiled hoses;
  • Valtec hydraulics and mounting kit.


— a separate gun. Air supply by a compressor.

  • air solenoid valves 24V;
  • filter sump;
  • gun;
  • B&R module (Austria) and Schneider circuit breakers (France);
  • coiled hoses at each station;
  • Valtec collector and mounting kit


— a separate hose with a nozzle. A strong warm air flow, which is supplied through a wide hose by two powerful turbines. The program is used to remove water from large body surfaces. A single housing for a multi-station turbo dryer is located in the service room. Only hoses are taken out to the stations.

  • double-turbine turbo-dryer with a heating element (3.2 kW);
  • B&R module (Austria) and Schneider circuit breakers (France);
  • housing (stainless steel);
  • heat-resistant hose with 1 nozzle;
  • mounting kit.


with a suction sensor that monitors the quality of the nozzle operation (with the transfer of information to the main computer of a car wash). All dust bags of vacuum cleaners in the washing area are located in the service room. Only hoses are taken out to the stations.

  • vacuum cleaner 380V/3kW/765m3/h/tank 50 l,
  • B&R module (Austria) and Schneider circuit breakers (France),
  • a single housing for all stations inside the service room,
  • pivoting arm for the hose 1800 mm with a spring and regulator (stainless steel),
  • suction control sensor at each station,
  • heat-resistant hose with 2 nozzles,
  • mounting kit.


The programs “Air”, “Turbodrying”, “Vacuum cleaner” and “Windscreen washer” can be duplicated both at washing stations and in the dry zone. The owners of car washes themselves fix the cost of services depending on their position. These programs are usually 20-30% more expensive in washing stations. Thus the client does not occupy the station for long, but at the same time can make use of all the services.


Thanks to fine sensors located at all major nodes and advanced IT technologies, ALLES equipment is easily and quickly customized and adaptable to any new technological challenges. Monitoring equipment is an emergency preventive system of network control modules, which allows for solution of the following tasks:

  • equipment protection and safety (monitoring of pressure/voltage surges, preventing accidents);
  • prolongation of the service life of the main components and assemblies (the sensors are configured so as to stop the equipment at critical rates);
  • maximum responsiveness and informativity in all the main parameters of washing equipment;
  • remote control and active/changeable settings.
  • all kinds of sensors;
  • antenna kit for amplifying the Internet signal (antenna, adapters, mobile modem, cable);
  • “Consultant Call” Kit (two pagers for operators in the form of wristwatches with sound and vibration and a module with an antenna). The pager receives signals from station sensors and warnings from equipment. Range – 75 m.


It can be installed in the facility in which there are no more than 7 washing stations. The main purpose is to completely replace the out of order washing station (maintenance or breakdown). It can be activated remotely from a tablet. The backup station is installed during the installation of the main equipment.

  • low-pressure solenoid valves ND 24V;
  • B&R module (Austria) and Schneider circuit breakers (France);
  • Schneider frequency converter (France);
  • electric motor 5.5 kW 380V, 1450 rpm, options: Uralelectro (Russia)/Nicolini (Italy);
  • high-pressure pump nickel 1820 Mazzoni (Italy);
  • pressure regulator IPG (Italy);
  • Valtec hydraulics and mounting kit.


The classic scheme – circulation of water in guns through a well (closed cycle) in automatic mode. The temperature mode for activation of the option is configured remotely via the control system.

  • water saving up to 400 m3 (water does not just go down the drain, but flows in cycles);
  • safety of the equipment (in case of shutoff of the supply water, the guns and hoses will not freeze).
  • pump with electric motor WILO (Germany);
  • fine filter;
  • submersible intake system with a filter and a float;
  • level sensor;
  • pressure gauge;
  • B&R control module (Austria);
  • manometer.


  • Coin acceptors NRI (Germany) – as standard, Alberici (Italy) – optional.
  • Bill acceptors CashCode (Canada) for 1000/1500 bills – as standard, ICT (Taiwan) – optional.

For foreign customers, ALLES is ready to integrate into the touch screen any coin or bill acceptors suitable for the currency of a particular territory.