A new car wash in St.Petersburg, shosse Revolutsii


Great news of this spring! A smart 6-station ALLES car wash of the latest generation has opened in the very heart of Krasnogvardeisky district of St. Petersburg. 14 programs at washing stations. Payment, as usual, in any convenient way: cash, cards, NFC, bonuses. And in the summer, the latest development of the company – a powerful 6-program multicomplex will appear in the wiping zone.

The car wash was purchased from the previous owner, who lost interest in this business. His self-service car wash worked on Polish equipment and by the time of sale was obsolete and outdated. 4 programs, no banking equipment (no cash register), poorly heated floors at washing stations, complete absence of any kind of customer service. Outdated car washes can be reanimated, but only subject to their complete external and technological upgrade.

The location is top-class, so it was decided to completely reconstruct the facility according to ALLES standards:

  • new slabs at washing stations;
  • spacious washing stations and area for the dry zone;
  • new service room (one of them is for fast food);
  • powerful lighting all over the site;
  • corporate branding;
  • the latest generation of ALLES equipment.

The first line, convenient access way and bright lighting will not let you miss – both day and night, it can be seen from afar. It turned out to be a great reincarnation, come and test the new top-of-the-line ALLES car wash!