A car wash instead of a warehouse? We know how, we do it!

January 2021

A self-service car wash can be built not only from scratch or restored, but also built into an existing building.

What are the pros and cons of this project that can be identified on the basis of our own experience and experience of our customers?


  • in most cases, approval for such reconstruction is not required;
  • construction will be cheaper than the project implementation from scratch;
  • unitily lines in the premises are almost always connected in the required volume;
  • the owner gets windproof warm boxes;
  • only two gates are necessary to organize an indoor car wash. ⠀


  • not very appealing appearance of the facility;
  • possible inconveniences with entrances/exits;
  • often good spacious sheds can be found only on the second line;
  • drainage of water and antifrost requires an individual solution for each facility. ⠀

But all these impediments can be settled, that’s why, subject to the correct implementation of the project, clients will actively come to both the second line and the third line. Comfortable conditions and full range of services for a client are the key to a successful self-service car wash.

St. Petersburg project

The ALLES branded car wash in the building of the former warehouse was opened in St. Petersburg at Obukhovskoy oborony pr. 76H in January 2021. For our city, this format of a self-service car wash in the closed space is experimental to some extent. The brick building of the former warehouse does not look like a typical hangar, there were many peculiarities. One of them is the ventilation system.

At first, we experimented with the temperature conditions inside the washing premises. It was impossible to lower the temperature below 0 °, otherwise the clients would be uncomfortable – it took place in winter. But to make room temperature is no good as well – in this case, fog, water suspension forms on the car wash, car owners hold the washing stations longer, cannot dry the cars.

It was decided to try temperatures from 0 to + 5 °, depending on the weather conditions.

Comfort inside the car wash at any time of the year, protection from wind + maximum range of programs on ALLES equipment ensured the appeal of this facility.

The car wash is not visible from the road, but navigators and maps help. Besides, on the territory of the industrial zone, next to the former warehouse, there is a gas filling station – so now those who fill up with propane are also ALLES customers.

Thus, a closed 7-station car wash in a former warehouse has become a profitable demonstration facility with the latest equipment and in the fullest ALLES configuration.