4th generation of ALLES equipment!


Let us present the updated equipment available to all customers from this year:

  • the hydraulic circuit has been changed, there are new functions, both in the basis configuration and in the options;
  • separate dosage is now at each washing station – the independence of stations and reliability of work increases;
  • the ability of remote control of water temperature for each program (via ALLES Control);
  • new program “X2” for 5 “chemical” programs: Foam, Brush + Foam, Shampoo, Wheels, Anti-mosquito – the client can increase the concentration of chemicals in case of very strong contamination; cost and dosage are configured separately;
  • new program “COLOR” – color chemicals for the programs Foam and Brush + Foam;
  • programmed interaction of panels with ICT and Alberici bill acceptors and bank terminals Nayax, Ingenico;
  • the panel has been translated into 45 languages: addition of the languages ​​of Europe and the CIS, and Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Chechen and Tatar.

All this already goes as standard!